CBD and Professional Golf

CBD, the non psychoactive brother of cannabis has been making its way in to the hands and bodies of professional golfers for a few years now. Scott McCarron, a player on the Champions tour was one of the first professional golfers to publicly back CBD products. It started when he was given some CBD samples after a round. McCarron uses a sleep tracker called a WHOOP, to track the quality of his sleep each night. McCarron claims that for the first time since owning his sleep tracking device, the 7 nights he took CBD before bed his device showed him getting his highest quality of sleep yet. Several players are still using drugs such as Ambien or Advil to manage pain and sleeping, despite these being harsher on the body long term in comparison to CBD. One concern of the tour players was if the CBD would be safe to trust in an environment where there is drug testing, while no pro has failed a drug test due to CBD yet, the CBD company we offer here at Whitfield Chiropractic Clinic also sells purity testing kits. This way, anyone who is concerned about failing a drug test can test their products to ensure it is THC free. ProMed CBD, based out of St. Petersburg, Florida is the company Whitfield Chiropractic Clinic has decided to partner with for all of our CBD products. If you are looking to try any CBD drops, creams or roll ons we are your one stop shop. For the full ESPN article about CBD on the golf course check out the link below.

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