Chiropractic Goes Beyond the Back

Chiropractic Goes Beyond The Back

Did you know that chiropractors adjust more than just the back? In fact, Chiropractic rids the body of any interferences in the nervous system. These interferences are responsible for pain or improper range of motion. In this post we will cover some of the other areas chiropractic can improve.


Millions of Americans deal with chronic headaches daily. What people don’t realize is that headaches can be rooted in neck interferences. Spinal manipulation has been shown to rid the body these interferences and help reduce occurrences of headaches. If you’re one of many Americans that take painkillers daily for headaches, give your body a break and try chiropractic!


Fibrymyalga is a condition characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain throughout the body. This is usually accompanied with difficulty sleeping, fatigue and memory issues. Fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations across certain pressure points and tender points throughout the body. Spinal manipulation increases flexibility and reduces stress on pressure points. Whitfield Chiropractic Clinic also offers cryotherapy. Cryotherapy reduces inflammation in the body using


Chiropractors can help you increase your range of motion and reduce pain associated with physical activity. Often times we do not realize when our body cannot reach full range of motion. Not having a full range of motion will have certain areas of the body overcompensating and over time become more susceptible to injury.

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