How Chiropractic Effectively Manages Pain

Even though it’s a national epidemic, the opioid crisis continues to get worse. Doctors are now turning more frequently to alternative treatments like chiropractic care. As previously mentioned throughout our blog, Chiropractic is especially beneficial for chronic back and neck pain because it seeks to treat the cause of the pain, not just mask its symptoms. Chiropractic achieves this goal by seeking out interfaces in the nervous system. Then adjusting them and correcting them.

While chronic pain does not stop after just one pop, consistently numbing the pain to get through the day can more often than not be worsen the conditions. Your chiropractor will look at your individual case and determine the best action to take. That will include an adjustment, several different therapies and different types of stretches depending on the area effected.

Depending on insurance, chiropractic care might even be cheaper. Regularly refilling prescriptions and potentially needing to increase the dose prescribed as a tolerance builds up can lead to more co pays and doctor visits.

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