Normatec Therapy Hits Tallahassee!

Have you tried the Normatec Therapy we provide in our Icebox Cryotherapy studio? Well, if you don’t like having sore legs(who does?), this therapy is for you. What is the Normatec? It is a compression therapy system that is geared towards the legs, in fact the included image is our own Normatec boots to give our readers an idea of what to expect. Designed by a MIT engineer and utilized by everyone from professional athletes like LeBron to celebrities like Drake, the Normatec has both the science and professional backing elite athletes can trust to make their recovery routine make a difference.

The Normatec works by first pulsing to get the fluids moving, then holding the pressure on the particular area, so that the fluids are not being forced to one end of the limb and then finally releases after a period of time set to maximize limb rest time. What this is doing is speeding up the body natural recovery process, thus cutting your recovery time down.

Benefits from the Normatec include:

  • Mobilization of metabolic waste in limbs.
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased circulation and blood flow
  • Increased range of motion
  • Drains lactic acid
  • Decreased leg recovery time

Included in this post is a link to a great podcast featuring the creators or Normatec, for any one who is looking to take their workout to the next level we would highly suggest the listen!

Check out the podcast here.

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