Normatech therapy Pt 2

Did you know right next door to Whitfield Chiropractic Clinic, in our Icebox Cryotherapy section we also provide Normatec therapy? Consider your self informed! But what is a Normatec, and what does it do? Normatec therapy is a leg compression therapy aimed toward cutting down the recovery time of the legs after rigorous use.

The Normatec works in 3 parts to maximize recovery. The first step is pulsing. The Normatech pulses, mimicking the pump of a muscle, thus enhancing the movement of fluids through the limbs. second, the Normatech holds the pressure on a gradient to ensure that these fluids only travel in the desired direction. finally, the distal release feature holds pressure so that there is no back flow of fluids to the wrong area. in short, the normatech is going to get the bad fluids moved out and the good ones in. one of the bad fluids being lactic acid AKA the cause of sore muscles.

Read more about how the Normatec has become a staple in the Boston Celtics pre and post game routine below!

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