Dr. Ron Whitfield

In 1976, Dr. Ron Whitfield, DC, a Florida native from Jacksonville, chose Tallahassee to establish his practice and Chiropractic Clinic at its present location near Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Whitfield was educated at FSU and Palmer College, birthplace of Chiropractic, in Davenport, Iowa, where he received his degree in 1975.

He served as a Green Beret Medical Specialist for three years prior to starting his Chiropractic education.

Dr. Whitfield has received extensive training in Spinal Biomechanics, and is certified by the University of Florida Center for Exercise Science.

He is married to his lovely wife Esther, and has four children. Dr. Whitfield has dedicated his life to providing his patients with the BEST of Chiropractic and Natural Holistic Healthcare.

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