Cannabidiol, or better known as CBD is a compound that is found in cannabis. Most are probably wondering why a chiropractors office is now in the business of something related to cannabis, but rest assure this product does not have any psychoactive properties and therefore will not get you “high”. Some might be wondering whats the point? Well, every human has a endocannabinoid system(ECS) which helps regulate the body. The ECS helps regulate a plethora of bodily functions such as:

  • Appetite
  • Digestion
  • Immune function
  • Inflammations
  • Sleep
  • Mood
  • Fertility
  • Motor functions
  • Temperature
  • Memory
  • Pain

There are two cannabinoid receptors in the body; CB1 and CB2.

CB1 receptors are located in the central nervous system (brain/spinal cord). CB2 receptors are located in the peripheral nervous system, digestive nervous system and specialized cells in the immune system. Taking CBD regularly blocks enzymes that destroy bone building compounds while at the same time processing new bone cell formations. This can be good for anyone dealing with bone conditions.

ProMed CBD products are made in St Petersburg Florida and are very affordably priced with products ranging from 45$-$65 dollars.

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