RockTape is a type of Kinesiology tape which is a super stretchy tape blend created to mimic the elasticity of the skin. The tape has medical grade adhesive and is water resistant, so it can be worn for several days at a time without having to be reapplied.

What does RockTape do though? Well when the tape is applied, it lifts the skin, creating space between the skin and tissue. A 2017 study showed that wen RockTape is applied to an area on the body it improves blood flow in the skin. This lifting of the layers changes the pressure gradient on the skin and allows for the blood and also the lymphatic system’s fluids to flow more freely. The lymphatic system is in charge of regulating swelling and fluid build up, which is why in many cases, using RockTape can help reduce inflammation.

Another benefit that can be found from the use of rock tape is added range of motion in certain joints. When applied to the knee or shoulder, RockTape creates a small amount of space in the knee or shoulder joint will reduce the chance of joint irritation and can also improve the range of motion.

Lifting the layers of the skin changes the information sent to the nervous system about pain. RockTape can delay and weaken those signals, so that athletes are able to train pain free. When RockTape is applied to certain trigger points it can help decompress the pain receptors around the knotted muscles.

The American Physical Therapy Association states the RockTape is most effective when used in conjunction with other treatments such as manual therapy like we do here at Whitfield Chiropractic Clinic!

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