Text Neck and Chiropractic Care

Text neck is a condition where neck pain occurs as a result of long periods of time spent looking down at a mobile device. While text neck might sound silly, it is something that is occurring more and more often as we become more dependent on technology. Chiropractic adjustments takes stress off these over exerted areas and free up the nervous system of interferences. What some patients don’t realize is that is that chiropractors are working with the nervous system, which controls everything about the body. Another thing that might not always be realized by patients is that an interference could be far away from where the pain is coming from, which is why we preform X-rays to make sure we are targeting the right areas with our treatment.

Text neck is an interesting ailment, because looking down at ones phone periodically seems like it would have no effect. When in reality, long periods of time spent looking down triples the weight that your neck has to bear to keep your head in place. Over time this leads to over exertion and pain. If you or your child is spending large periods of time on a mobile device, it might be time to invest in chiropractic. As any doctor will tell you, it’s easier to prevent an injury than it is to fix one, which is why we recommend seeing a chiropractor regularly. For more on how chiropractors are treating text neck, check out the article below.

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