When to see a Chiropractor

When you think about going to a Chiropractor, you might imagine that only need to go if your spine is hurting you, and that you should otherwise go to a doctor. But your local Chiropractor might be able to help you deal with pain more broadly than you imagine.

In a recent discussion with Men’s Journal, Ian Nurse, a Boston based Chiropractor talked about five instances when one might want to see a chiropractor, when you might not otherwise consider doing so.

If you are experiencing muscle pain or have experienced a strained tendon, perhaps from working outdoors, or training too hard at a gym, a chiropractor can use soft tissue techniques such as the Active Release Technique to help alleviate your pain.

If you have experienced Carpel Tunnel Syndrome the usual range of treatments will use physical therapy, cortisone injections, or surgery to treat the issue. But sometimes the issue might lay with your nerves further up the arm, which can be dealt with by your local Chiropractor.

If you are experiencing neck pain or headaches, the cause might be due to neck stiffness, which a chiropractor can help you alleviate with exercises, massages, and gentle manipulations.

If you’re experiencing joint pain a Chiropractor can often offer you aid without the need to rely on the long term usage of medications.

Lastly, when facing spinal injuries, before agreeing to risky spinal surgery, it is worth consulting a chiropractor to see if he is able to spare you the risk and long recovery times associated with such surgeries, as chiropractors are able to effectively aid you in dealing with certain spinal conditions.

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